Heather E. Dempsey, M.S., D.B.A.

Quantitative research, machine learning, algorithmic trading, and financial markets are my passion. I hold a Masters in Computer Science & Information Technology as well as a Doctorate of Business Administration in Finance. I have over 3 years of professional experience in deep learning, predictive regression, statistics, data analysis, and relational database experience.

Skill Set:

    Machine learning models:
  • Model design
  • Parameter tuning
  • Cross-validation

  • Monitoring and evaluation:
  • Risk management
  • Performance
  • Attribution

  • Predictions:
  • Risk factors
  • Prices & returns
  • Covariance

  • Portfolio optimization:
  • Asset allocation
  • Sector weights
  • Risk-return profile
Contact Infomation:

Research Papers

Negative Nominal Interest Rates
[+] Abstract...

Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy
[+] Abstract...

Pairs Trading with a Kalman Filter
[+] Abstract...

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Dissertation & Presentations

Dissertation Defense
[+] Open...

Pairs Trading
[+] Open...

Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy
[+] Open...

Presentation #1
[+] Open...

[+] Open...

[+] Open...

US Stock Returns Forecasts vs. Random Walk Theory
[+] Open...


[+] Abstract...

[+] Abstract...

[+] Abstract...

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